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Double-Date is the 8th and final The Clever and the Other One episode.

Plot synopsis[]

Jay is shocked beyond words upon finding out that Miles has a girlfriend. What will prove more shocking still however, is discovering that his girlfriend and Miles' are one and the same...



The episode's storyline was one of the first to be conceptualised - it did not take long for C and Hanmore how humorous Miles attempting to socialize with females could prove. Despite this, the episode was the eighth to be filmed. It was also the only episode to be based on a written script (by both C and Hanmore). The two actors had a laptop beside them during filming, referring to it for their dialogue. The device can be briefly seen in the background in the final episode.

Seana was considered to portray Lara, but C decided that the episode would be funnier if she was portrayed by a male.

Notes & trivia[]

  • This was never intended to be the final episode - a script for the following one was written shortly after filming for this episode was completed under the working title The Power Cut; its plot concerned Miles being arrested after attacking a utility pole in an attempt to fix a power cut. The writers were set to reprise their roles as Jay/Officer Giant and Miles, respectively. Halfway through shooting, however, an argument broke out between Jay and Miles, the former of which vowed never to partake in the production of any more episodes. The sitcom was eventually revived in the form of the 2014, far more mature and grounded-in-reality series Far Out.
  • Seana was considered to portray Lara.
  • This is the only episode for which a script was written.
  • During post-production, Miles made the decision to extend Lara's dance from lasting one minute to several because he was dissatisfied with the episode's runtime.
  • Despite this being the only appearance of Lara in the universe to date, she would go on to be mentioned as Jay's ex-girlfriend in Too Far Out and College and Drugs.
  • This episode was classified 12 by the British Board of Film Classification for "moderate sex references", referring to Miles' mention of periods.
  • This is the only episode to feature the interior of Jay and Miles' garden shed.
  • This episode was re-mastered, along with the rest of the series, for its 2018 Blu-Ray release. Changes specific to this episode included shortening Lara's dance routine (along with speeding it up and changing its soundtrack), cutting out the bloopers which had been left in previously, and dubbing Jay's shouted "BLEEP!"'s with real swear word bleep sound effects.