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Drug-Taking is the 6th The Clever and the Other One episode.

Plot synopsis[]

Unaware of what they truly are, Miles takes some illegal drugs belonging to a tramp. He soon finds himself in a whole heap of bother, being visited by the local police and later taken to court.



  • Upstairs Hallway
  • Jay's Bedroom
  • Courtroom
  • Prison Cell

Notes & trivia[]

  • Jay's role in this episode is far more minor in comparison to other episodes.
  • This is both Michael and Seana's final appearance on the show.
  • The audio in the scene in which Giant explains Miles' fate is out-of-sync.
  • Zak Giant was intended to be a special guest for this episode but his popularity with both the writers and fans led to him becoming a main character in Far Out, and even earning his own spin-off in the form of Officer Giant: Prolonged Pursuit in mid-2017. Jay was expected to reprise his role as Giant in an episode of this show entitled The Power Cut, but this ultimately never materialised.
  • This was the first episode to be classified 12 by the British Board of Film Classification, for "infrequent comic drug misuse glamorization".
  • This episode was re-mastered, along with the rest of the series, for its Blu-Ray release in 2018. Changes made specific to this episode included omitting Jay telling Miles to "cut!" (the filming) that had been accidentally left in previously and replacing the take used for Officer Giant's meeting Miles for an alternative one.