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Miles' Nightmare Pillow is the 5th episode of The Clever and the Other One.

Plot synopsis[]

Jay finds it all but impossible to gain a good night's sleep when Miles begins to have night terrors.


Notes & trivia[]

  • Jay states that he does not have a sister, despite mentioning her himself in Miles Runs Away Part One.
  • This episode has been cited as the best of the entire series by the show's creators.
  • This is the third episode not to feature any female characters. The others were Miles Is Ill and Miles Runs Away Part One.
  • Despite being credited as such, this is the only episode in which Jay served as a make-up artist (for the scene in which Miles' face is bleeding as he is attacked by the pillow monster).
  • The blood on Miles' face towards the end was actually ketchup.
  • It is unknown how Miles managed to record the events of one of his dreams.
  • The original raw footage for this episode (along with that for Jay's Book of Spells) no longer exists.
  • The beginning scene was filmed a whole day prior to the remainder of the episode.
  • This is the final episode to feature Miles' bedroom (although the set would be used as a prison cell for Drug-Taking).
  • This episode was re-mastered, along with the rest of the series, for its 2018 Blu-Ray release. Changes specific to Miles' Nightmare Pillow include adding a tint to the dream sequences and cutting Miles' speech at the end.