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Miles Is Ill is the very 1st The Clever and the Other One episode.


Plot synopsis[]

Jay decides to infuriate his brother Miles as much as humanly possible when he falls ill.



The episode was filmed one weekend around May 2012 by the show's creators out of boredom. It was not scripted, and discussions regarding its plot consisted of very short and simple outlining along the lines of, "A typical child makes a video diary in which he annoys his beyond stupid older brother". The pair enjoyed making the video very much and so comissioned an entire series.

Jay's "vicious cat" was portrayed by a two-year old cat named Bramble, who was owned by co-writer and co-creator Miles Hanmore. Jay's bedroom actually belonged to Hanmore at the time, while the character Miles' bedroom was used when Jay visited at weekends.

Notes & trivia[]

  • The character of Jay's cat was dropped after this episode for unknown reasons. A different cat named "Bramble" would later appear in Too Far Out, but curiously enough did not appear in further episodes, as was the case with the Vicious Cat here.
  • Miles states that he is 11 in this episode, but in Miles Runs Away Part Two Jay refers to him as being fourteen years old (this is disputed in Drug-Taking).
  • The writers publicly condemned the episode.
  • The term "goit", used by Miles frequently in this episode, originates from the popular British sitcom Red Dwarf, of which the writers were huge fans.
  • This episode was classified U by the British Board of Film Classification for "very mild bad language, comic violence".
  • This episode was re-mastered, along with the rest of the show, for its 2018 Blu-Ray release. Changes made specifically to Miles Is Ill include trimming the sequence in which Miles attempts to find his XBOX controller, most likely for pacing reasons.