Episode title is the 2nd episode in the series.

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Miles, now Jay's resident on the condition that he pays him substantial rent, is informed by Jay that he is utilising the money given by him to Zakk Giant to go on holiday to Germany. Refusing to allow his resident to accompany him, Jay begins actively seeking a babysitter, eventually being contacted by a man referring to himself as "C.M.G.". The man comes to the house and speaks with the pair, with both of them agreeing that he is suitable for the job.

Despite his initial kindness, C.M.G. reveals himself to be a highly aggressive man after Jay's departure, constantly calling Miles out for his stupidity and going as far as to physically harm him. Miles opts to escape to Germany, back to Jay.

Once on the airplane, he meets a very drunk man which he assumes to be Jay - the pair bond and decide to get drunk as soon as they reach the country. The following morning, the pair awake in a pub; the man reveals himself to be not Jay but in fact C.M.G, and a chase ensues.

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  • Jay states that Giant rewarded him with £6000 for thrawting Miles' attempted theft, but in Too Far Out, the amount was clearly stated to be £5000.
  • This episode's tone is rather zany and unrealistic - closer in spirit to The Clever and the Other One than other Far Out installments.
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