Miles Runs Away Part One is the 2nd episode of The Clever and the Other One.

Plot synopsis Edit

Refusing to allow his brother to accompany him on his holiday to Germany, Jay hires the babysitter-from-hell to care for Miles during his absence...

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Production Edit

Before shooting the second episode, writers Jay Canning and Miles Hanmore had to decide what elements included in the previous episode would be retained. They decided to tone down Miles' stupidity, feeling that his representation in the pilot was far too exaggerated.

This was the first episode to be filmed by Seana Canning, who would go on to help film Miles' Nightmare Pillow.

Notes & trivia. Edit

  • This is one of the series' shorter episodes, clocking in at just under 13 minutes.
  • This episode was featured on the "Best Of" selection DVD release in 2013.
  • The camera operator can be seen standing behind Hanmore at the end of the episode.
  • It is unknown how Jay and Miles were able to remain in their house after it had been supposedly burned to the ground.
  • This episode was classified U by the British Board of Film Classification, with the official insight claiming that it contains "infrequent very mild bad language".
  • The garden would later make a re-appearance as the backdrop for the Double-Date finale.
  • This episode was re-mastered, along with the rest of the series, for its 2018 Blu-Ray release. Changes specific to this episode included replacing the stock image of the burning house (along with adding a fire sound effect), and rotating shots filmed horizontally to render them landscape.
  • This episode, along with its sequel, was re-made in the form of the second Far Out episode.
  • Hanmore has called this episode the most underrated of the series.
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