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Miles Runs Away Part Two is the 3rd The Clever and the Other One episode.

Plot synopsis[]

Miles encounters a strange man possessing totally opposite characteristics to him, along with an infuriated Jay, while on his way to Germany.



The episode was filmed on a Friday evening in May 2012.

Notes & trivia[]

  • A third part was to be produced after Double-Date, but never was due to the cancellation of the show as a whole. Its plot was to concern the Babysitter confronting Miles in Germany.
  • This is the first episode to involve Seana as an actress. She would go on to appear in The Cliffs and Drug-Taking.
  • Miles has stated that the bloopers for this episode are by far his favourite.
  • Elements from this episode appear in the Far Out episode Miles Runs Away - the lines "I need to close this!" and "Ladies and gentleman, no food or drink will be allowed." are included.
  • It is unexplained as to why Jay did not recognise Miles when on the plane. Furthermore, it is odd how Jay was able to board the plane while it was in mid-air.
  • It is unknown how Jay landed in the back of his own garden - surely the plane would have travelled hundreds of miles past there by that point!
  • Selim was inspired by the character DERF from Fred: The Movie (2010).
  • This episode was rated PG by the British Board of Film Classification for "infrequent mild bad language", referring to Miles' single, very-easily missed use of "git".
  • This episode was re-mastered, along with the rest of the series, for its Blu-Ray release in 2018. Changes made specifically to this episode included cutting down on the amount of clips used in the "previously..." sequence.