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Officer Zak Giant is a minor character in The Clever and the Other One and supporting character in Far Out.

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The character was born on June 14, 1960 in Eastbourne, East Sussex, moving to the St Leonards area when he was twelve.

In Too Far Out, it is stated that he has been serving in Sussex Police Force for "thirty years", meaning he would have joined in 1984, perhaps shortly after finishing university. In Officer Giant: Prolonged Pursuit it is revealed that he served as Chief Constable until 2003, when he was demoted to a regular police officer as a result of tardiness and heavy alcohol usage. He is very good friends with Jay - he went to him for advice on how to earn work, so clearly trusts him. Giant is unable to give him a "police job", stating that only his "complete gobshite" boss could do that. Thus, it could be argued due to both his firing in the early 2000s and rudeness he displays in both all three of his appearances (going as far as to call Miles a "dumb arse" in College and Drugs), that he is portrayed rather negatively. However, Giant is also shown to be intellectually superior to Miles, and despite his rudeness, does offer Jay benefical advice in Too Far Out. In Officer Giant: Prolonged Pursuit, he conducts the investigation on C.M.G. very thoroughly and is re-promoted to the rank of Chief Constable for his bravery.

It is curious that despite the fact that Officer Giant: Prolonged Pursuit takes place prior to the events of College and Drugs, no mention is made of Giant's promotion, and he is still referred to as "Officer" by characters. However, his new rank could explain his change in appearance.

Behind the scenes[]

  • He was to have a minor role in the unproduced Far Out episode Miles Darko.
  • Portrayed by both Jay and Miles, depending on his appearance.