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Too Far Out is the 1st Far Out episode.

Plot synopsis[]

In 2014, Jay, a poor and socially isolated 20 year-old who lives alone, receives a letter from a local company informing that they have rejected his job application. When he confronts them, they inform him that their primary reason for doing so is him not possessing satisfactory qualifications.

Jay subsequently visits Zak Giant, his long-term friend and local police officer, at a police station. Giant, who is celebrating thirty years of serving in Sussex Police force and is expecting a trophy made of solid bronze to be delivered, regretfully informs him that he is unable to aid him in earning a position in the force. Frustrated, Jay opts to drown his sorrows in alcohol at a local pub that night.

Once there, he meets a mysterious and highly idiotic individual his age who refers to himself as simply "Miles". The pair bond and get drunk, eventually knocking themselves unconscious as a result. Giant finds and brings them back to the police station, where Miles attempts to thieve his trophy. Jay thwarts his attempt and receives a reward of £5,000. Giant, however, also requests that Miles go home with Jay rather than spend a night in a prison cell. Once there, Jay informs Miles that he "goes in the morning".


Notes & trivia[]

  • This is the first installment in the universe not to be formatted as a video diary.
  • This is the first installment in the universe not to feature a canned laughter track.
  • The bedroom Jay sleeps in this episode does not appear again, due to the fact that it was re-built into a bathroom.
  • Much like in Miles Is Ill, the very first Clever and the Other One episode, Miles Hanmore does not act until five minutes into the episode.
  • Hanmore wrote the script for this episode in 2013. It was polished by C prior to it finally being filmed in February 2014. Scenes from the script absent in the final episode include Jay being escorted by taxi to confront his job interviewer and a drunken Jay and Miles throwing stones at passing cars before passing out.
  • The reference to "stupid people who think cats are dogs" is a reference to Miles Is Ill, in which Miles believed precisely that.
  • This episode was classified 12 by the British Board of Film Classification for "moderate language, sex references, rude gesture".